In the Fields

In the Fields was created for the Collaborative Concepts Farm Project 2012 at Saunders Farm in Garrison, NY.

It is estimated that at the turn of the century one farmer could produce enough to feed 10 people. Today with machine farming one farm can produce enough to feed 155 people. The invention of the combine machine was the introduction to machine farming.

This sculpture is dedicated to machine farming with the reminiscence of hand farming. The sculpture was created out of aluminum and sapele mahogany. I chose sapele mahogany for its beauty, the same beauty of the hands that tended the soil. I used aluminum to represent the entrance of new technology, machine farming. The sculpture sits upright at Saunders Farm. The openings in the sculpture lets the viewer see though to the sustainable fields where the cows roam free.

The sculpture is made from painted 1/8" steel and mahogany.
Measuring 4ft. D x 5ft. W x 8ft. H

In May 2013 In the Fields arrived at it’s new home – Esplanade Park, Yonkers NY overlooking the Hudson River.