One In Part;
Whole In Being

One In Part; Whole In Being was created for the Highland Falls Sculpture Walk: Leadership and Wisdom presented by Collaborative Concepts in conjunction with the Eisenhower Leadership Center at West Point.

Human development is an open – ended process, the core essence of an individual is the human spirit. This essence is developed through experience and reflecting on the experience. This act of reflection serves as a bridge between learning from experience and progressing into the future. This is the foundation for Leadership and Wisdom.

Using Leadership and Wisdom, the sculpture, open at the top allowing for natural light, is divided into three stainless steel panels representing past experiences, present culture and future progress. The core component of the sculpture has open ended shapes out of painted black wood and stainless steel that appear to have no relationship to one another but as one pushes back to encompass the whole the viewer is lead to the intentional design of oneness, symbolizing the leader becomes one and gains wisdom from the reflection of experience. The viewer sees through the open spaces of the sculpture and is transformed to an environment that is evocative of another place, a place of mind and a place of senses.

The sculpture is made from 1/4" stainless steel and painted mahogany.
Measuring 4ft. D x 6ft. W x 10ft. H

One In Part; Whole In Being can be viewed at the Highland Falls Sculpture Walk on Main Street in Highland Falls.

Mentioned in the New York Times.