Hidden Pockets Blog

Hidden Pockets is a blog that I developed after my research for the Hidden Pockets sculpture. The blog addresses the unrecognized labor — the hidden pockets of farming. The green revolution addressed the need to increase crop yield for the growing population, but what about the human element of labor needed and used in farming?

Migrant and seasonal farm workers perform numerous tasks necessary for cultivating and harvesting a large share of our nation’s food supply.  These undocumented farm workers live below poverty level in shoddy labor camps isolated from the community. These are the real philanthropists, (Labor and the Locavore: The Making of a Comprehensive Food Ethic by Margaret Gray) these workers sacrifice basic human needs to nurture food for others all while knowing they will go hungry.

You can read more about what is going on in the farming community and what you can do to help on the blog site: www.hiddenpockets.info

After enjoying your holiday meal and supporting local business, take part on December 1st for #GivingTuesday. Show your solidarity with farmworkers and plan to donate. The Farmworker Justice is accepting donations: https://www.farmworkerjustice.org/support/make-donation