Sculpture for Leonia

On June 16th I had the privilege to deliver two of my sculptures to Leonia, New Jersey.

This beautiful town has an array of sculptures dotting it’s community. This is made possible by the volunteers of the non-profit organization, Sculpture for Leonia. The goal of the organization is to provide a dialogue between art and community and to enrich and educate. With the help of Nora Veca’s placement, you can view Legends in the sculpture garden and Corn Fields at the Leonia Public Library.  They look amazing in their new homes!

Corn Fields is made from painted 1/8" steel and painted wood pieces. Measuring 4ft. D x 5ft. W x 8ft. H. Legends is made from mahogany, steel and glass pieces. Measuring 2.5ft. D x 2.5ft. W x 8ft. H.