Whale Naturalist Workshop

“We should stop looking to the stars for extraterrestrial beings, they are here…below us in the ocean.” —John Lilly

I went whale watching as part of a workshop in MA with Dalvero Academy. I saw three different species. We were escorted out by black dolphins, I had never seen this species of dolphin before. Then I saw a fin whale as well as a mama and baby humpback whale with a playful younger whale. They were mythical! All of a sudden you see them blow and exhale air explosively through their blowhole.

I stood along the rail of the boat and called for the whales by humming a tune. The baby humpback was very curious and swam around the boat and right along side where I was standing. I was looking down and saw his beautiful blowhole and his eye. The blowhole appeared heartshaped to me. It was awe inspiring, I have been smiling since. I observed how the dolphins move in human time, the whales however do not, they move on a different time completely. They are in the OM state! I felt like it was an extraterrestrial experience. It was wonderful.

The Whale Naturalist Workshop in Provincetown, MA was co-hosted by Provincetown Center for Coastal studies, Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown and the WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation).
Scott Landry made a very powerful presentation on the problem of entanglement. I was not aware of the seriousness of this problem.

In the 1950’s the US government outlawed hemp most likely owing to Dupont. Dupont was releasing nylon products including nylon fishing gear onto the market. Nylon doesn’t break—one its selling points. When the whale gets entangled in the nylon fishing gear there is no way for the whale to get released. Whales get entangled in lobster lines and actually drown because they can’t move. Entanglement is a slow death for the whales. The hemp gear would deteriorate or snap under stress. The numbers of deaths caused from entanglement is staggering.


When we have learned to accord the rest of life on earth equal rights, we can finally take our place in the court of intergalactic opinion and while holding our heads high claim: ‘Yes, there is intelligent life on earth. And it is our species which demonstrates that the blind force of evolution is capable not just of self-destruction but of self-enlightenment.’” —Roger Payne